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Clean Freight Coalition Statement on EPA's Proposed Emissions Standards



Washington — Clean Freight Coalition Executive Director Jim Mullen issued the following statement today on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's newly proposed truck emissions standards: 

“One of the core tenets of CFC’s Mission Statement is the commitment of its members to the transition to zero-emission heavy trucks that will deliver reliable and affordable transportation of the nation’s freight. CFC members are investing billions of dollars to fulfill that commitment and have stood with EPA in support of stringent regulations that have delivered real-world emissions reductions in the heavy-duty truck industry.

“Ensuring a feasible transition to new technologies is our primary goal. An adequate infrastructure, including the power grid and charging stations, and the sourcing of required minerals, are essential to the supply chain as part of the transition to a zero-emission future. Further, regulations must provide the lead time, stability, and certainty that allows for the industry to develop the technology, test in real-world conditions, and minimize downtime and operational disruption.

“Companies represented by members of the CFC are currently producing zero-emission trucks that are being tested in fleets’ actual freight networks. The commitment to the transition to zero-emission heavy trucks is firm. The members of the CFC are uniquely situated to collaborate with the EPA by sharing industry data, case studies, and best practices to ensure that the transition to zero-emission vehicle technology does not have an adverse impact on the nation's supply chain. And candidly, the CFC members see this as their obligation."

Made up of motor carriers of every size and sector, truck manufacturers, and truck dealers, the CFC was launched in on March 23, 2023. Learn more at